Corporate & Product Identity

Positioning for success and growth.

Business Entities

Your business entity shapes your business pursuits. Consider the above..

Corporate Niches

Know you competition, and become a category of one...

"Crossing the Chasm", now

Early adopters to mainstream markets, you need to know the your product and & business life-cycles.

Graphic Design & Art

Your colors, logo, font can all be important to communicating who you are, and your customer!

The Art, and Importance of Company and Product Naming

Your names may be your most important business decision...

Intellectual Property Development

Develop and secure your IP - Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights.


These are leading trade journals and magazines - and we've been published in many of these.

Embedded Systems & Portable Design Magazine

The publication of record for the hand-held and embedded computing products market.

Other Regulatory organizations

We're experienced with most of these...engage us to help you succeed.